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Don't pay extra for what should be free.

Like a new toy with the batteries included, we love it when we don’t have to pay extra for power. That’s why our entire suite of tools is included with every account. From order syncing to multi-channel inventory tracking to variation support, you’re covered for the low, low cost of included.




Each channel walks you through the necessary steps to get your channels connected and listing products through Shopping Feed in no time.

Find/Replace rules

Use If/Then statements to make smart changes to your product listings. This is a powerful tool letting possible gaps in your product data not hold you or your storefront back.

Auto remove Rules

Use If/Then statements to automatically remove certain products from your product feeds. This tool helps you keep an eye on your products, and saving you from overselling or tiny margins.

Custom Channels

Create custom data feeds, filled with your own product data, created by an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface. If it needs a product feed to function, Shopping Feed can build it, simply and powerfully.

New product management

Keep track of newly added products and where they should list, all from their very own page. This tool combines all additions to your product lineup in a simple interface to help you list products where you would like.

Conversion Tracking

Understand the value of your advertising dollar with built in conversion tracking and analytics.

Custom product fields

A custom product field is attached to all your products, and can be a place to store important data in an outgoing data feed. Build custom product fields, and fill them automatically using rules.

Barcode search

Search for existing barcodes associated with products that you sell.


Each marketplace channel allows you to assign require product data in what they call a product tag. The autotag dashboard makes this easy and automated, letting your products be found easily on marketplaces.

Vacation Mode

With a single switch, zero out the inventory for all your product listings, letting you slow down your orders and focus on your self for a little bit.

Smart templates for Ebay

Build listing templates for your eBay listings directly from Shopping Feed. Assign specific templates to categories of products.

Arctics troubleshooter

Shopping Feed helps you adapt your product data to the needs of your channels. Arctics maps all the changes to your product listing data before it leaves the platform, helping you see the big data picture.

Order Management

Order syncing

Orders are imported back into your storefront from your marketplaces, and their shipping status and messaging automatically updates the end user.

Exportable reports

Create printable order reports to help your team keep track of fulfillment.


Create your own professional printable invoices for you customers.

Automatic fulfillment

When marketplace orders are fulfilled from your storefront, updates are passed back automatically to the marketplace, keeping your customer informed, and keeping you safe from performance alerts.

Order alerts

Get peace of mind when orders have not imported or synced correctly. Shopping Feed will give you word when something has gone awry.


Inventory Sync

Dynamic inventory tracking of your products across all of your open channels. When a product goes out of stock, each sales channel removes its product listing.


Support for both color and/or size variations of product listings on marketplaces. Save on listing fees and ensure a great experience for your customers.


Report exports

Share the good news with your team through beautiful reports, exportable and configurable all through Shopping Feed.

Comparison reporting

Compare performance of channels, and better visualize your investment.

ROI Tracking

Track the ROI of your product listings through the integrated ROI calculator.

Set product margins

Set product margins for your listings, and use their performance assessment to automatically remove low-value listings.

Top product tracking

Set product margins for your listings, and let their performance be automatically block low-return products from listing.

Team tools

Create team accounts

Create user accounts to allow access to your account and your order pane.

Team alerts

Automatically alert your entire team when there’s something wrong with your account or a channel. Get all hands on deck when you need it!

Order filtering and flagging

Organize your orders and their fulfillment with your team better with flags, order filtering, and exportable order reports.

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