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They 💙 us

I base my store on the customer service that we are able to provide and a large portion of that has been the incredible app that Shopping Feed has created. It is now seamless for me to sell my goods on Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy and have it seem like those purchases are coming directly from my website. The customer service Shopping Feed has provided has also been outstanding. Like any detailed and intricate app, it does take some time and energy to set up, but once you are up and running, the app is very smooth.

Denali Lpg

We have been VERY Impressed with Shopping Feed. The APP helped relieve the frustration of selling Items in Amazon. Its error correcting functionality is incredibly effective. We saw results immediately and within days we decreased posting errors to almost zero. The fact that can push products to about every other channel out there is just a bonus. We have 3 connections and they have all worked flawlessly. The support has been Excellent!

Cks Online

I use this app to export my listings to ebay and import the orders back into shopify - great app, great support!


So legit! Does most of what channel advisor does, but at a fraction of the cost. Some limitations, but overall amazing. It's helped me connect to and with ease. Thanks for making!

My Luv Box

Shopping Feed was a challenge at the beginning to be honest. Was frustrating and took more time then I would have liked, but in the end, with the tremendous help from Andy and the team, we were able to get a smooth process going for us using three channels.

Emart Canada

The Shopping Feed app has allowed us to run successful Google Shopping and eBay campaigns.
The customer support has been very helpful, dealing with complex issues.
This app probably has the best functionality for generating feeds for Shopify. Having said this, we have had to make a number of compromises to our campaigns due to certain limitations on what can/cannot be changed in the feeds.

Honda Of Bournemouth Redesign

Very simple to set up and intuitive to use Shopping Feed is a great app to get your products on multiple marketplaces. Made great use of the rules which can change the data you sync to different marketplaces to customise them so that they are suitableIncredible help from Andy and Adam at Shopping Feed who really went the extra mile to help out with our needs. Thanks!


Outstanding App that makes selling on Amazon easy. Once everything is set up, you have zero involvement with managing Amazon. Everything you do is done through your existing Shopify website. So easy to manage selling on various platforms. The customer service and technical support you receive is outstanding. They will work with you to make your ecommerce world as simple as possible. If you can dream it up, they will find a way to make it work for you.
I highly recommend this app as your solution for selling on multiple channels and getting your product out to the masses!

Masano Outfitters

Their platform is easy to use: the feed was without bug + the set up is free.
The best is their customer service. I have just started selling on Amazon. And Andy was very helpful and responsive to my questions.

Ken Wroy

This is the third app we have tried for EBay & Amazon.
Shopping Feed was an A++++ SUCCESS.
The customer service (Drew) was above & beyond. Couldn't believe the extra effort they put in at no charge to get us up and running properly. I would definitely recommend them.

Skiff Life We Fish Skinny Water

This is one of the best apps on Shopify for multi sales channels. Literally saves me hundreds of listing hours and the customer support, particularly Drew, are fantastic!

The Truth About Baby Weight

Good price for the awesome features. Fast, friendly support. An amazing hook up from Shopify to Amazon for syncing products and orders.


Set up and working fine.


Very responsive support. Very impressed!


I think this app is a great tool to use. Looking forward to a self help guide to help find solutions other than asking questions for the tech team. Would definitely recommend this app.

Micky Chase Jewelry

A little bit of tinkering in order to get the listings right, but the support staff member who has handled our queries is patient and knowledgeable. We are extremely happy with the service in recent weeks and the sales that are generating. Thank you Shopping Feed.


This is a great app with amazing support. I have integrated three channels (Google shopping, etsy and eBay), and while it takes a second to understand how to set each up, Drew is always there to step in and lend a hand in figuring out what could be going wrong (always was me just not figuring it out, wasn't ever an issue with their system). I highly recommend for the price, functionality, lengthy free trial, and great customer service!

Playful Banterer

Had such a great support experience with Drew on helping me fix an issue with Google Shopping channel. He helped me go through the issue one by one over the phone and quickly resolved the issue with ease. App has been very helpful and their staffs are very friendly and professional. Every company's customer support needs to follow this quality of service. Thank you!

Vlyvly Co

Have been using Shopping Feed since we transitioned our websites to Shopify Plus over a year ago.
Works great for us in getting accurate feeds to the marketplaces we use - Amazon, Google Shopping, Sears, eBay ......
In addition great personalized technical support from Drew and Andy
You need to make the effort to get the correct data points in to the app - but once you learn how Shopping Feed works it is an asset to your business.
Highly Recommend


So legit! Does most of what channel advisor does, but at a fraction of the cost. Some limitations, but overall amazing. It's helped me connect to and with ease.
Thanks for making!

My Luv Box

I have used the app for a few months. The app works flawlessly and if there happens to be an issue the customer service is amazing. They handle customer service requests quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for an interrogation app this is the best I have found! highly recommend using giving it a try.


Thank you Shopping Feed!
This app is a must have for any serious ecommerce seller. It seamlessly syncs your products to the best sales channels you can find, keeping inventory across them all in sync, and imports any orders made outside of Magento into your Magento fulfillment queue. You just fulfill like normal in Magento, and everything is done automatically. Best customer support I have encountered in 20 years, which is important because of how much you can do with the platform. If you take your selling seriously, you sell on external channels like Amazon, ebay, Google, etc. If you really take it seriously, you do it all with Shopping Feed.


A cost effective solution for creating product feeds with great customer service. :-)

After an exhaustive search looking for an app that would handle both product feeds as well as support bulk listing in Ebay, we found these guys. We looked at a ton of product feed apps - this is a definite cut above the rest. Absolutely stellar customer support! Started with the GoogleShopping Channel and currently adding an Ebay channel. They are working on adding more granularity to the ebay channel settings which is great news for us. Also looking forward to documentation that is in the works. The app is pretty deep and Drew has helped every single step of the way. Sometimes things load up in French which is weird but its usually gone next time you log in. Elite customer support - highly recommend.


This app is very good. I use it for amazon. At the beginning, it looks complicated and I don't know how to use it. But the customer support is very good. Drew teach me step by step, and solve the problem for me very quick. After I understand how to use the app, I know it works!

Jenly Wholesale

A clean well thought out interface that works great. Working with Drew was probably one of the best customer service experiences I've had in years and I can't say enough about the service he provided. These guys do it right!


So we decided to bring our items over to Amazon and tried a few different feeds and methods of bringing my product over. Then I did a Shopify Apps Search - al little reluctant, I started emailing a few of what looked like to be reputable companies...I'm always wary of using some thing 3rd Party.
Drew responded in a way that I can understand and trust, and started our dialogue.
Bottom line...these guys are the real deal. They fixed errors, updated product; were diligent about everything and their communication was excellent; Looking forward to adding more channels.
Thank you Drew!


After conducting some research and reading most of the reviews with which shopping feed Ap to select on Shopify. I could't have been happier with our choice in selecting Shopping Feed.
From my initial introduction call with Andy who clearly articulated how Shopping Feed work and integrate through to the endless support I received working with Drew, they were unbelievable.
I am not the most technically savvy individual and for those that have had experienced getting your head around Amazon's technology, it was very daunting.
Drew was able to guide me through each step in integrating our feeds on Amazon, eBay and Google and was so patient and always happy to help. If anything I believe he over serviced if that is at all possible in this current climate.
I would not hesitate recommending Shopping Feed to any organization as my experience (2 weeks conversations over the phone) has been so impressive.
Thank you Drew, I am delighted with the outcome and you have been such a breath of fresh air to work with buddy. So professional, accommodating, patient and a great sense of urgency.
Michael Dimopoulos
Co-Founder - Head of Sales
James Houston Design

James Houston Design

Unbelievably good support staff. The very best out of anyone I have ever worked with.
Easy to use interface also.

Chains And Pearls

Top notch customer service from Drew that's helped us link our Shopify store to Amazon. Bit of a learning curve when getting products listed but most of the issues come from Amazon's side as they're platform is overly complicated in comparison to Ebay. Already seeing the sales benefits of going back on to Amazon which Shopping Feed has enabled me to do and keep my stock levels synced. As a UK based customer i've tried most linking platforms out there and Shopping Feed has come up as the best by a long way.


Very flexible plugin with tons of features. Does exactly what it is supposed to and perhaps the biggest A+ rating goes to the support team who is tirelessly working to answer any questions and provide technical support to get us up and running. Thank you!

Bulmen Footwea

A great way to get your products out there. Easy to set up and the team is very responsive.


Great way to get your Shopify feed into Bing Merchant Center. Outstanding support. Highly recommended!


My experience with this app is amazing! It seamlessly syncs your Shopify account with eBay! When items are purchased on eBay, the app automatically creates an order for your Shopify account. I love it and I recommend it to everyone!

The You Store

Great app! Andy and Drew helped me implement the app the way I wanted. The support team is prompt to reply. Highly recommended.

Herbvive Naturalstore

The service these guys provide is the best I have ever experienced in 10 years of trading online. They can't do enough to help.
The app provides true business efficiency and helps grow sales by keeping your available stock listed on all your sales channels. When ever you want to change a price or product details, do it once in Shopify and Shopping Feed will change all listings. A must have app.

Www Brightstore Co Uk

Does the hard work for you, but there is still much to do on the other end - such as with ebay.

Play To Grow

Great App and Customer Support is awesome!

I Product Zone Grou

Love this app.

Palmers Pursuit Shop

We used this app specifically for Google Shopping and Bing Ads Shopping channels. In particular we needed the use of rules to apply to our product feed that would be separate from our actual Shopify store. While this application requires technical knowledge to setup and get going, the customer service team is very helpful, patient and willing to walk you through each and every step as needed. I had lots of questions and they are always fast to respond and take the time to follow up to make sure everything is resolved. Overall I was able to get things working correctly much easier than expected and the use of this app has saved us lots of time and resources to get our shopping channels running smoothly. Thank you!


Great app, customer service is super helpful :)


We've been using Shopping Feed now for just over 3 months and we've been thoroughly impressed with both the system and the customer service that we've received. Drew has been great at addressing any issues or questions that we've had and has always been willing to jump on a call very quickly to talk things through with us. Drew's a great guy who's always willing to hand out advice to better our business, I've always felt like he's genuinely had time for us... other businesses take note! We currently just use Google Shopping but we're hoping to expand out to Amazon and possibly eBay in the future, both of which we'll set up with Drew's help. Don't hesitate for a second to use this app, there really isn't anything else out there that compares. Keep up the good work guys!


I use Shopping Feed to upload my products to Amazon and Google Shopping. Excellent support by Victoria for me in Germany, Always there, giving precise help. Comparedly cheap solution for smaller shops to list your products, if they are too many to list manually.


Excellent Apps, it works great with subject all required things ready, support team so helpful, help from beginning to the end.

Smart Shop Site

Awesome support! If you are having any trouble with setup, be sure to contact support before giving up. They will help you get back on track really quick.

Meditative Wisdom

Well I have to say Shopping Feed is hands down the best solution for my inventory management as well as creating new listings without having to create them manually on all the other channels.
I'm been selling on Amazon and eBay and many more channels and I have tried several "all in one" to help me with my inventory and creating multiple listings for my channels and I never had such a good experience before. Shopping Feed is so easy and fun to use, the customer service is a breath of fresh air with unlimited patience and kindness yes guys THANK YOU for putting up with me!!!
In addition I have to mention the features that none of the competitors have... You can create rules to customize your pricing to each product and each listing that's done automatically and so much more that you will just wonder why didn't anyone tell you about them before.


Takes a little effort to get set up - but very worthwhile
Great support from Andy


Great support, they helped me a lot while I am trying to setup my feed properly. Don't bother other feed apps. This is by far the best one and affordable.

Prime Pet

New to this app but so far love it. Creating a Google shopping feed looked very complicated to me as I'm new to the computer world and this app helped me to get my products on Google shopping with ease. This sounds cliche but its true, I tried another app here on Shopify and was less than pleased with the results. I had a few questions and Drew the technician helped me out quite a lot. So far, super good and loving this app.

Bariatric Food Direct

Drew and Shopping Feed have been fantastic - very well organized, and provided excellent support above and beyond the norm. The app is the easiest we've seen on Shopify app marketplace in terms of syncing up all of your different sales streams/channels (Amazon, eBay, Sears, Houzz, etc.). Pretty intuitive in using the interface, so major plus.
The SF team has so far answered all my questions very promptly and thoroughly, even with the 3 hour time difference between the coasts. I would highly recommend this app and the developers behind it. There seem to be regular updates as well, so it can only get better.


Shopping feed was instrumental for getting our products on Amazon for holiday season! We moved a lot of product with their help, and their support in getting us set up was superlative. Could not recommend more!


I'm still learning on using this app.
Their customer support, Drew, is the BEST customer support I even seen. He replies email very quickly, and called me whenever I have any question. Drew even helped me on how to list on Amazon.
Highly recommended!

Atomo Dental

We have just started using this app and Drew K and his team have demonstrated strong customer support and service in getting us started. Thanks!

Zero Gravity La

Shopping feed is hands down the best app to get your products on Amazon Houzz, Sears and more. Their support is the best I have encountered. Thank you so much for your Help Drew and all of the staff at shopping Feed

Jeffrey Tottenham


For the start it is the Best App if you looking for integration with Amazon.
Their Customer Service Is Top Quality. Especially Big thank you for Drew!!!
Once you get through set up it is great.


Been using Shopping Feed for a while now and can't run without it. Drew and Andy at the support team are always there to help out and solve any issue we have almost instantly.
Takes a bit of time and patience to set it all up correctly but definitely worth it. Can push all our products easily to different marketplaces with ease.

E Furniture

This is a great app with amazing support. I have integrated eBay and it took me a while to understand how to set it up, thank to Drew lend a hand in figuring out what could be going wrong. I highly recommend for the price, functionality, lengthy free trial, and great customer service! Drew you should get a big hand because of your help i give this app a big up tell your boss i said you should a big raise.


Fantastic support!

More Hardware Direct

Love this app! We transitioned from Shopify's Google Shopping App recently to build out a more diverse product feed for our product variants and images. Drew and Andy are very more knowledgable about product feeds and provide much better support than even the most patient Shopify support reps. We are very pleased with the level of personal support and amount of customization possible.


Excellent Apps, it works great with subject all required things ready, support team so helpful, help from beginning to the end.

Smart Shop Sit

This app is very good. I use it for amazon. At the beginning, it looks complicated and I don't know how to use it. But the customer support is very good. Drew teach me step by step, and solve the problem for me very quick. After I understand how to use the app, I know it works!

Jenly Wholesal

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