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A story that begins with a vision

The story of Shopping Feed begins at the dawn of 2010, in Montrouge, a city in the south-east of Paris. Clément Hollander, a computer science student, is an intern at Blog-Ecommerce, an agency specializes in connecting e-commerce sites. Clement works to develop software that helps merchants’ products have better visibility on marketplace channels. It is in this context that he realizes the need for an intelligent tool allowing E-Merchants to simplify their approach to marketplaces and product ad platforms.

The co-founders of Blog-Ecommerce, Olivier Lévy and David Guerain founded Shopping Feed with Clément Hollander to revolutionize the Ecommerce software world, which is ridden with low-tech substitutes for powerful and expensive agencies. Shopping Feed was born out of this gap in performance and price.

7 years later and thousands of users worldwide, our aim is still as simple as it was in the beginning: give our members the edge they need to beat the competition through powerful software.

Every year, Shopping Feed builds innovative new features for e-merchants. With each new innovation, we stay focused on our raison d’etre: to easily increase your sales and product exposure on the marketplace, shopping engine, and adspace channels.

A growing success, market by market.

Shopping Feed, in close connection with our e-merchants, offers a simplified navigation to access more than 120 effective features. These tools are tested and approved by our members, composed of e-merchants, partner agencies and their teams, and are constantly being built and perfected. Our team of developers are working tirelessly to stay on the bleeding edge of e-commerce channels and technology.

In 2014, Shopping Feed began building out support for world marketplaces, and expanded operations to teams across three countries and timezones. As it became clearer that the need for Shopping Feed was international, we were there to provide it. Market by market, Shopping Feed is growing in international popularity. We have built our tools for all users, regardless of their size and turnover.


A trusted solution.

Today, Shopping Feed has integrations with the world’s most popular E-commerce platforms. Recognized by its partners for its innovation, flexibility, and technological power, Shopping Feed integrates new channels every month, enabling our members to distribute their products wherever their world audience is shopping.

Shopping Feed is also surrounded by a community of builders. E-commerce agency partners, developers, and builders. They trust Shopping Feed to constantly grow and add to the value they offer their clients, and we never let them down.


The Shopping Feed team is made up of e-commerce enthusiasts devoted to our members success on the web. From Paris to New York, we work tirelessly to provide our users with powerful, efficient and reliable software.

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