Connect your Ecommerce to 1,000+ Channels

The Multi-Channels Software with the most 5-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews

“We usually never reveal our secrets, but this app is a must if you are looking to streamline and expedite your operations on just one other channel or multiple.”

Powering 2000+
sellers worldwide
More than 1000
Orders Sync & Import
Product Graph™

A modern software

Secure & Powerful

Fix your syndication struggle

  • Quickly build 1000’s of listings
  • Sync inventory & assets
  • Mass attribute assignment
  • Solve listing errors in bulk

Eliminate order fulfillment friction

  • Universal order fulfillment
  • Sync tracking & fulfillment
  • Edit & manage invoicing
  • Simplify fulfillment workflows

Enrich your product listings

  • Custom data for better listings
  • Automatic product tagging
  • Business Rules & ETL Tools
  • Codex of 8M+ attributes

Boost your visibility

  • ProductGraph™ Technology
  • Built in SEO for Marketplaces
  • Attributes-rich channels
  • OMR = Organic Marketplace Reach

Tools for a better R.O.I

  • Conversion tracking
  • Auto-remove and stat-tracking
  • Google Data Studio
  • Smart UTM tag tracking

Interface with your entire stack

  • Inventory management for PIM
  • Custom Channels for retailers
  • Seamless CMS Relationship
  • Google LIA for Brick & Mortar


Case Studies

“Awesome app! Will save you hundreds of hours of time and increase your marketplace sales at least 3X (in our experience).”
“This is our 2nd company that we utilized the Shoppingfeed app and their customer service goes above and beyond for their clients.”

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