What defines “Quality Data” on Amazon?

You are as successful as your products are visible on Amazon

The Amazon marketplace is a powerhouse of revenue for sellers who use it’s features and available data to their advantage. With over 100k Amazon orders moving through Shopping Feed daily, we have amassed quite a bit of insight into what makes a high-quality listing & presence, and built tools to achieve these goals.

“I was finally able to whip my data into shape using rules.”
Chris, Decorisland LLC

What defines “Quality Data” on Amazon?

In terms of Amazon, the heavy hitting data algorithmically consist of Title, Bulletpoints, Keywords, and Product Tags. Content that can capture the right buyer is crucial, and a system that allows you to automate quality data is crucial.

Fluid Data innovations from Shopping Feed were built to ensure your continued influence: seamlessly create, manipulate, and automate product listing data to grow your sales. Use Shopping Feed to build sets of optimized data and assign them automatically to whole categories of products, ensuring easy scalability and less time managing product data.