Google Shopping Actions + Shopping Feed = Turbocharged Sales

When you combine the exposure and easy sale captures you get from Google Shopping Actions with the seamless automations of Shoppingfeed, sales take off. We explain why.

In March of 2018, Google unveiled its latest innovation for those of us who make our living from e-commerce: Google Shopping Actions. Early adopters like WalMart and Target recognized the competitive edge they’d enjoy by selling through the Google Express/Marketplace ecosystem. Other e-merchants are slowly climbing aboard, so the advantage of being among the first to this new market is still out there.

How Google Shopping Actions is taking over

Google Shopping Actions includes a number of friction-erasing innovations, including shop-from-any-device features and a universal shopping cart that lets you collect items from multiple merchants and check out all at once. But it’s that last part that really has Amazon worried. 

When you’re enrolled in the Shopping Actions program, Google handles the pay transaction and takes its cut there, rather than using the traditional PPC model as on Google Ads. On the consumer side, if they already have payment info saved in their Google accounts, payment becomes a frictionless, one-click transaction much like Amazon’s One-Click ordering system for Prime members. Amazon is watching this development closely and prepping for battle, in a clash that could look like King Kong vs. Godzilla.

But while the behemoths duke it out, savvy online sellers who get in on Google Shopping Actions at its early stages have a huge opportunity. (And it’s still relatively early, as it is still far from being widely adopted.)  Merchants enrolling today will quickly begin to dominate their retail spaces, as shoppers become automatically exposed to their wares through the Google channel ecosystem.

Be one of the winners right off, with quality data.

So let’s say you decide to enroll in the new program. Great! But if you’re going to succeed in this new market ecosystem, you’d best be well prepared. This means having an accurate, continuously updated inventory list, accurate pricing, complete and perfectly synced product attribution tags, and automated order fulfillment.  

Here’s what your Google Shopping Actions feed must include:

Product Attribution Tags required by Google Shopping Actions

With sixteen total fields to complete for every item, the possibilities for basic listing errors using manual entries on the Google Shopping Actions feed are exponential. Copying over item information from another shopping marketplace is prohibitive, because each requires unique sets of data. And yet, falling down on any of those will relegate your products to a low ranking, as Google favors sellers whose data is accurate and fully up to date.  

This is where automated workflows and quality data that’s fully syndicated can make your sales take off.

How Shoppingfeed automations can turbocharge sales made through Google Shopping Actions

Automating your data and workflows makes product tagging for any and every channel super easy. Shoppingfeed technology provides powerful, multi-channel workflow automations that assure your listings are robust and fully searchable.

Shoppingfeed’s Fluid Feed innovations give its customers an unusual degree of influence and visibility. Sellers using Shoppingfeed enjoy the universal ease of segmented channel management, which creates a single, powerful feed for every channel used. Each segment’s product tags, attributes and titles are constructed from a master list that streams the appropriate customized data sets to each channel.

We use machine learning and variant mapping to fine-tune product attributes, ensuring your visibility in a shopper’s search results regardless of how they describe, say, a desired color.

A shopper searching for a convertible twill sofa in Navy blue will see yours, even if your main color tag says “dark blue.” Shoppingfeed’s A.I.-powered fluid tags enable sellers to yield an industry-leading 85% accuracy rate the first time. By comparison, the industry average for correctly listed products from first-time sellers is a measly 25%. 

Shoppingfeed uses over 8 million product attributes across > 1000 channels (marketplaces, shopbots, retargeting, social). This assures your listings are both accurate AND highly visible. Order fulfillment workflows are also included, so your products can be shipped quickly, and your customer satisfaction levels will remain high even as your sales volume jumps.

Publishing automation, with actionable insights 

Shoppingfeed’s SEO Marketplace contains over 8 million product attributes. About 90% of them are preset to conform to known product tags, so your products are described down to the last detail. As it automatically compares your assigned attributes to the same products listed by competitors, it exposes under-used product tags you can use to gain a jump on your competition.

Data organized this way yields valuable insights for merchandising strategy. Our segmented channel management serves as a single touchpoint to take full advantage of product attributes, tags, keywords, titles and bullet points. It empowers your marketing team to design the smartest merchandising strategy with your high-quality product data, across multiple channels at once.

Automated order fulfillment is another feature that keeps your life simple. Shoppingfeed will sync, update, and confirm all of your Google Actions orders in a single interface and/or automatically import them into Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, or whichever e-commerce CMS you’re using. No delayed orders, and fewer customer complaints.

An irresistible experience for both shoppers and merchants

As you can see, Google Shopping Actions has created an all-in-one shopping experience that will be irresistible to online shoppers. As the masses flock to Google for their online shopping, merchants using Shoppingfeed’s automated workflows and quality data integrations will be the ones who come out on top.

Shoppingfeed is a certified Partner in Google’s Shopping platform, as well as in every major online marketplace worldwide. Our service syndicates product listings on the world’s most powerful marketplaces, syncs and refines inventory data, and automates order fulfillment.