Best Marketplaces to Sell Home Products Online

Do you currently, or plan to, sell home products online? Even if they already have their own Shopify store, many sellers choose to sell through marketplaces (like Amazon or eBay), where millions of potential customers are already shopping, and where many of the buying frictions – account setup and payment forms – are already taken care of. Here are some of the best home products marketplaces to consider setting up shop.

(Wayfair logo) Sell home products online with Wayfair.

Wayfair by the numbers:

  • Monthly page views: 778M
  • Active buyers: 12.8M
  • Products listed: 10M

Wayfair is a large and fast growing marketplace dedicated to “a zillion things” home-related. Categories range from furniture, linens, décor and kitchenware to home office furniture, home improvement, and patio. If you sell home products online, Wayfair is a top US marketplace for you to consider.

Wayfair operates as a fulfillment channel, where the merchant dropships the order for Wayfair. This means Wayfair will buy products from merchants and market them online at Customers’ online orders will be forwarded to the merchant. The merchant then fills the order and ships it to the customer with a Wayfair packing slip.

As with most fulfillment channels, listings will need to be created directly on Wayfair, and pricing has to be negotiated with your Wayfair PCA.

Wayfair’s other branded marketplaces include AllModern, Joss & Main, and Birch Lane. To sell on any of them, you start by submitting an interest form.

(Etsy logo) Sell home products online with Etsy

Etsy by the numbers:

  • Membership: 54 million
  • Active buyers: 39.4M
  • Products listed: 60M

Etsy is another one to consider, if you are running your own “cottage industry” type business. Home Decor, Artwork, Glassware are among the top 10 best selling categories on Etsy. Unlike Amazon and eBay, Etsy’s core focus is on micro-businesses; it aims to “reimagine commerce.”

If you sell anything vintage, handmade, or custom-made, Etsy is the place to sell home products online. Contrary to marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, it won’t take you an eternity to stand out. Etsy buyers know the brand, and they know it’s the place for unique, usable art and craft work.

It’s comparatively easy to set-up your shop on Etsy, versus other platforms. All you need are an active mailing ID, and items to list.

Etsy is also relatively cheap place to sell home and furnishings online. Each product listing costs only 10¢ a month, with a 4-month minimum. Compare this to a minimum listing fee of 50¢ on eBay, and 99¢ on Amazon.

Make sure your products are most appealing to women. Similar to Pinterest, more than 85% of both shoppers and sellers on Etsy are female.

Etsy is good if

  • You want to get started for free.
  • You want to get started with maximum convenience.
  • You want to get a few initial sales before fully investing in product & inventory.
  • You want a platform with built-in visitors.
  • You are likely to have low volume of sales in the beginning.

Etsy might not be for you if

  • You want to build (or already have) your own store with your own custom domain & design.
  • You want to control your branding.
  • Your product does not conform to Etsy’s guidelines.
  • You intend to cross-sell and upsell complementary products that don’t conform to Etsy guidelines.

(Houzz logo) Sell home products online with Houzz

Houzz by the numbers:

  • Membership: 40M
  • Active buyers: 25M
  • Products listed: 10M is a marketplace dedicated to products for the home. More than just a place to shop, Houzz presents itself as a source of information, tips, and inspiration for home design and decoration.

The main conditions for selling on Houzz include:

  • The product price should not be greater than the price of the same product sold on your own site or any other online sales channels controlled by the seller.
  • The product quantity must be kept accurate and updated a minimum of once per hour. You must be careful to never list or sell an out-of-stock or discontinued item.
  • You have to specify the cost of shipping, and it should not exceed industry-standard rates.
  • You must specify accurate lead times and not falsely advertise fast processing times in order to drive purchases.

See the Houzz Guidelines for sellers for complete terms and conditions, and to explore account setup.

Other marketplaces to sell home products online

Hayneedle is an online store dedicated to home furnishings and home improvement. Their categories include furniture, decor, and storage, as well as fitness equipment, table games and toys, and gifts for the home.
Supplier partners are welcomed at Hayneedle. Learn more about their vendor options here.

International sellers would do well to take a look at La Redoute. The leading e-commerce platform for fashion and home in France attracts nine million unique visitors per month. They have been part of French culture since 1837 and are now a household brand. With their own unique brands, La Redoute holds a prominent position in the French and European market, which sets them apart from their competitors.


To sell on La Redoute, merchants need to fit the style and price proposition of their marketplace. A local address to handle returns is a requirement. Even if selling on La Redoute is an easy process, La Redoute is a selective marketplace and you must apply for acceptance.

For listings, the platform accepts API only. La Redoute’s fees include commissions and a monthly membership fee, @17% (VAT excluded) and 49.90 Euro, respectively. New sellers on La Redoute can choose from standard, advanced and premium levels of memberships.

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