Shopping Feed Software Comparison Series – Part 2

Part 2 of our series comparing product feed software platforms will focus on a different competitor’s product: GoDataFeed.

GoDataFeed is another SaaS product feed platform that helps customers manage, optimize and syndicate products to over 200 channels. Prices start at $39/month.

This system facilitates orders, returns, and inventory. It also helps you manage channels and your catalogue, as well as syncing data to its integrated marketplaces.

Shopping Feed syndicates search-optimized product listings on all of the world’s most powerful marketplaces, syncs and refines inventory data, and eases fulfillment with automated workflows.

Here is the Head to Head comparison between Shopping Feed and GoDataFeed.

As you can see, Shopping Feed is packed with a lot more features. For example, Business Rules make your life a lot easier in associating products.

Here’s a common scenario when you are categorizing products:

The Product Title is “Busboy Apron”

Godatafeed has only limited Rules capability. In their system, you can only specify “Title contains ‘usb’ ” which would categorize this apron into the USB category instead of into the aprons category.

But Shopping Feed has more Rule functions, like “contains_word,” which allow you to avoid these issues by respecting word boundaries like punctuation and white space. Also, in GoDataFeed, you would need to add as many rules as you have brands. So if you have 200 brands, that’s 200 different rules. Our Bulk Actions functionality overcomes that problem.

Customer comments on both systems

As far as customer reviews, GoDataFeed gets high ratings for friendly customer service, and for a user-friendly interface. It’s probably a good choice for smaller vendors who don’t have the luxury of employing a full-time CTO or E-Commerce Director, and who don’t move a super high volume of product.

But for E-Commerce operations that are already moving higher volumes and want to scale up quickly, you need all that additional functionality. Especially if you sell on Amazon, you’d want Shopping Feed’s Amazon ASIN automatic matching and automatic repricing features, so you don’t end up spending half your day racing to correct errors and worrying about getting bumped by Amazon if you mess up.

We realize that all this rich functionality means a dashboard that takes a little getting used to, and some of Shopping Feed‘s customers have commented that it’s not always intuitive in how it all works. Others, though, say the tools are easy to use. If you’re already a tech professional, you’ll find most of our functions are easily recognizable and adaptable.

Of course, we are prejudiced in favor of our product, but we’ve tried to stay objective here and give credit to the competition where it is due. That’s why our own Capterra reviews aren’t highlighted here. We’re trying to stay modest, but they’re all really positive. You can read Capterra’s reviews of Shopping Feed yourself, here.