Shoppingfeed Software Comparison Series – Part 3

The last feed software we will compare in this series is Shoppingfeed vs Channel Advisor.


One of the oldest names in feed management (nearly two decades), Channel Advisor is publicly traded and has about 800 employees. Their product connects online stores with marketplaces around the world, optimizes their operations for peak performance, and provides actionable analytics to improve competitiveness.

Shopping Feed is relatively young (8 years), but that more recent entry into the field has also made us more agile. We’ve built more powerful optimizations for product titles and descriptions than Channel Advisor, and with far less complex rules.

Comparing Features

Channel Advisor does offer channel-specific features like Amazon Advertising with automatic bidding and rules, dynamic listing templates, and a price gird showing your price vs. competitors. But they don’t have one of our most popular Amazon features, ASIN matching, which automatically aligns your product with all the data in Amazon’s product ID system to assure yours will appear in search results.

Many users of Channel Advisor mention its complexity. We’ve designed Shoppingfeed to be used by customers who don’t necessarily have a CTO. For example, their Find and Replace tool requires PHP skills, whereas ours is user friendly.

Here’s a quick rundown comparing all the main features:

Quick review of the Pros and Cons on Channel Advisor

From Capterra:


“…customizable… beautiful interface, .. powerful features

Logical… plenty of Customization… automation and efficiencies. [But it can become] quite complex.”


“TONS of setup work. I spent almost a year setting up all the different features and rules for my business. Zero guidance on how to set up your system.”

“Support is slow, sometimes ta ticket takes 3 days to respond. Help pages are not detailed. “


Channel Advisor‘s fee structure is to charge a percentage of revenue with 12-month contracts. This can make a huge difference if you have high revenues.

Reviews on Capterra show several complaints about Channel Advisor’s pricing.

I wish I could get a better pricing based on a lower tier.. maybe they should encourage sellers who are starting out..”

“Powerful software but Expensive and hard to learn ”

Needs to be more affordable”

Shoppingfeed offers monthly flat-rate plans in three different tiers, with an option for discounted annual contracts. It’s worth noting that none of the 42+ reviewers of our service on Capterra complained about our prices.

Of course, we are prejudiced in favor of our product, but we’ve tried to stay objective here and give credit to the competition where it is due. That’s why our own Capterra reviews aren’t highlighted here. We’re trying to stay modest, but they’re all really positive. You can read Capterra’s reviews of Shoppingfeed here.