Best Online Marketplaces For Selling Niche Products

Today, if you’re an e-merchant, there are over 100 online marketplaces across the globe to choose from for listing your products. If you sell niche products, this gives you a lot of choice.

Though most are based in the U.S., China or Europe, all have global reach. Here’s a list of the best marketplaces for seven popular niche product categories where independent sellers can sign on to offer their wares.

DIY and Construction Tools


Operating in the EU. and UK only, Manomano is a marketplace exclusively focused on products needed for home improvement projects. Here you can sell anything related to tools, electrical, HVAC, garden and pets, bathrooms, kitchens ane more.

Manomano promises that its sellers will have a dedicated account manager as well as cross border opportunities to sell in various countries in the EU.

Find out how to become a seller on Manomano here.

Home Furnishings & Decor


As we’ve mentioned before, Houzz is a marketplace dedicated to products for the home. More than just a place to shop, Houzz presents itself as a source of information, tips, and inspiration for home design and decoration.

Houzz is a membership site, where you must first register before shopping. It boasts 40 million members, 25 million active buyers and 10 million product listings.

See the Houzz Guidelines for sellers for complete terms and conditions, and to explore account setup.


VidaXL has an unusual assortment of furniture, home and garden products, hardware, sports gear, toys and games. You can find some pretty quirky items here too, such as pole dancing kits. The company’s tag line is “Live it up for less.”

The company sells in 27 countries within the EU, plus the US and Australia. To learn more about selling on VidaXL, go here.


If you sell anything vintage, handmade, or custom-made, Etsy is the place. . Contrary to marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, it won’t take you an eternity to stand out. Etsy buyers know the brand, and they know it’s the place for unique, usable art and craftwork.

Etsy is also relatively cheap place to sell home and furnishings online. Each product listing costs only 10¢ a month, with a 4-month minimum. Compare this to a minimum listing fee of 50¢ on eBay, and 99¢ on Amazon.

It’s comparatively easy to set-up your shop on Etsy, versus other platforms. All you need are an active mailing ID, and items to list. You can find seller info here.

Beauty & Body Care

Thrive Market

This boutique online marketplace for organic skin and body care products launched in the Fall of 2014, steadily growing to their current catalog of 5,000 products. They sell in a wholesale-to-consumer model, with consumer pricing at 25 – 50% off regular retail.

Thrive operates as a buyers club, where you must become a member @ $60 a year in order to get the discounted pricing. They carry some of the most established brands in the natural products industry, as well as many up-and-coming brands.

Thrive also requires its brand partners to participate in its discounted business model by helping keep costs low. Specifically, they ask that you keep your pricing at 25 – 30% below listed wholesale costs, and provide free shipping to their two national distribution centers in IN and NV.

Discounted Luxury Items


Reebonz sells pre-owned luxury accessories like bags, watches, and jewelry as well as clothes and shoes. They mainly offer high-end brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Rolex and Goyard.

All items are authenticated by their Atelier Experts before being accepted for resale. For more information, see their Seller Portal.



As the name implies, GAME is the perfect platform if you are selling games, media, computer hardware, toys or collectibles.

This UK-based marketplace has only been around for a few years, it has seen some major growth. with sales increasing 250% year over year, and about 12,000 monthly orders from 250 different retailers.

The main upsides are that there are no setup costs, listing or subscription fees. Go here to find out how to become a seller on GAME.

Refurbished Electronics


Backmarket is a consumer electronics marketplace specializing in refurbished phones, laptops and tablets. Other products featured include games and game consoles, TV, Audio equipment, drones, cameras, and wearable tech.

Backmarket says it sells over 170,000 products, and hosts 10 million sessions per month. It has operations in both the U.S. and the E.U. Once you connect with its Back Office center, you can start selling across borders with one click.

Find more information about selling on BackMarket here.

Products for Millennials


Jet is the ideal online marketplace for sellers that cater to a specific customer segment — price-sensitive, millennial city dwellers. There are about 400,000 active monthly users on the site and about 2,400 sellers. This marketplace is still small, but it has two things going for it:

  • It gives you more exposure than other marketplaces that have millions of other sellers.
  • It has a repeat buyer rate of 23%, which is higher than Amazon and eBay.

What’s also different about Jet is it values lower prices over fast delivery. Plus, shoppers find your products based on factors like their location, your location, and the warehouse location of the product(s).

  • Number of active users: 75 million active monthly users
  • Seller fees: 15% of the item + shipping’s value
  • Monthly fee: None
  • Number of page views per month: 92.9 million

Go here to find out about selling on Jet.

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