Channel Partner Profile: How to Sell on Reebonz

“Curating the world’s finest merchants for new and pre-owned luxury.”

This is Reebonz’ tag line, and it’s enticing. Got a line on wholesale, authentic luxury items? Do you see yourself among the world’s finest merchants? You might want to look at how to sell on Reebonz.

Reach a global marketplace of motivated fashionistas hunting for deals.

If you are a reseller of new or used luxury goods and want to tap into a global ecommerce channel with access to wealthy fashionistas on both sides of the Pacific Rim, Reebonz wants to meet you. Currently, the company operates marketplace sites in the United States and in Hong Kong, two of the world’s greatest hubs for traders of luxury goods.

What kinds of products are sold on Reebonz

Reebonz Marketplace currently offers high fashion deslgner apparel and accessories, both new and used, mostly for women. Specific categories are apparel, shoes, bags, small leather goods, watches, jewelry, and other accessories. If a buyer is looking for a genuine Goyard tote bag or a Fendi jacket, new or gently worn, this is the place.

What you get as a Reebonz Merchant

It’s not hard to learn how to sell on Reebonz. The company provides tools, support, and everything else you need to start selling besides the merchandise. You get:

  • A dedicated Account Manager to guide you through the on-boarding process
  • Direct customer feedback to stay connected with your customers
  • Platform-wide events such as free shipping or other special promotions, plus promotions of your store in various marketing collaterals.
  • Access to an international audience
  • Use of their advanced 3D Secure technology that adds an authentication step for online payment verification, protecting against fraudulent buyers. (This ty[e of fraud can be a particular problem in the luxury item resale market.)
  • Automatic trust from buyers, who know that the Reebonz Ateliers authenticate all merchants and merchandise before listing it in their marketplace.

How to become a qualified seller on Reebonz Marketplace

You must send an inquiry email to them to get started. at Include a copy of your business registration and company profile, with links to your current store or sales pages. You must provide adequate proof that you are a licensed business, with all relevant credentials required in your local country.

On receipt of that, they will set up a meeting with you to review on-boarding guidelines, community rules of engagement, SLA’s and policies.

Once approved, their Tech team will set up your admin account and show you how to use the merchant dashboard for order tracking and fulfillment, customer inquiries, sales metrics, etc.

Flexibility, control and other perks

You can then list your items and start selling. They allow you to upload as many items as you want, control your pricing, and monitor your performance. Their admin system includes a preferred courier for sold items that allows you to offer Reebonz buyers express delivery, a highly coveted feature in today’s e-commerce ecosystem.

Best of all, Reebonz pays you for each sale within 14 days.

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