The ABC’s of Selling on eBay

Whether you are new to selling on eBay, or just want to boost your performance on the platform, we’ve compiled a list of power-boosting tips from our Help Center to give you a leg up.

Several factors play into a seller’s level of visibility when selling on Ebay. Here are some key areas whose improvement can help you boost the visibility of your listings.

1. The quality of the product sheets

First, choose the right categories:

Select the most specific category so that your buyers can find your item more easily. You will find information about eBay categories on this link.

Shoppingfeed allows you to broadcast your products on all eBay categories (except the Vehicles category, which has different constraints and cannot be managed from the eBay API). You can find more information about this in our Help Center.

You can also see the product filters:

Buyers on eBay use the filters to refine the product search.
The Autotag available on the Shopping Feed will allow you to fill in optional additional information. By completing these attributes, you :

  • improve the positioning of your ads, on the marketplace
  • are more visible when customers use filters to find your products
  • therefore generate more sales

Similarly, you can group the variations into a single product (Sizes, Colors, Models…).

For each marketplace, you can send different fields for each product, in each category.

2. How well your listings are optimized

Optimize your product titles as well as the descriptions of your items.

We advise you to optimize your product titles and descriptions as much as possible in order to improve your natural referencing within the eBay marketplace as well as on the Google search engine. Give the brand the first word and as much detail as possible to avoid duplicate titles.
Good to know: You can enter up to 80 characters.

Shopping Feed has developed a system of rules that will help you adapt your titles and descriptions based on the instructions in the marketplace.
Find eBay’s recommendations on this link.

Make sure to fill in the barcodes.

eBay is becoming more and more demanding with the use of barcodes on products, so adding the correct identifiers for your products is essential.
They help consumers find what they are looking for on eBay as well as increase your visibility on Google Shopping, Bing and other search engines.
Filling in EANs also gives shoppers the opportunity to leave stars on the product.

3. Whether you customize your Template

By default, your eBay listing will be published with a basic template. The top of the eBay listing is standardized, with the photo, title, price, etc.
You can customize the content of this info, using the “Templates” tool on Shopping Feed. This will allow you to enrich the content of your ads and make them more efficient.

4. The quantity and quality of your photos

The use of quality photos can help increase your sales. You can use up to 12 photos for free on eBay.

Discover eBay’s tips for using quality photos.

5. The quality of your customer service

Seller performance is a measure of the quality of your after-sale services.

eBay merchants are classified according to three “seller statuses” that influence your visibility: Insufficient Score, Very Good Seller and Top Reliability.

This is based on 4 indicators:

  • delivery rate = 4% maximum
  • Default rate (out-of-stock items and disputes) = 0.50% maximum
  • rate of dispute without resolution on the part of the seller = 0.30% maximum
  • Positive vendor evaluations = 98% minimum

Find more details directly on your eBay seller’s area.

6. Delivery policies

Offering free and fast delivery to your customers will promote your referencing and encourage customers to order your products.

A “Fast and Free” badge is displayed in the ads that meet the following conditions by default :

  • the estimated delivery time of the item is a maximum of three working days (from the date of receipt of payment), calculated according to the shipping time and delivery service you have specified
  • you offer free shipping and delivery
  • the object and the purchase

7. Use of promoted listings

Optimization can also be purchased for a fee: You can also use a specific eBay tool to promote your ads and gain a few spots in search results. This is the Promoted Listings tool that you can find on eBay.

Ebay Promoted Listings are a relatively new tool to improve the visibility of your listings to as many buyers as possible while they are shopping.

They offer:

  • a dedicated platform with free access
  • no financial risk (Cost per sale)
  • a dashboard fully controlled by the seller

Getting found and then getting customers to click on the “Buy” button are not as hard as you might think, so long as you’re aware of how it all works, and how to take advantage of the tools offered.

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