Track Your Shopify Orders to Multiple Countries

We are doing something a little different with today’s blog, in order to tell Shoppingfeed users about a way to simplify the way you sell products in multiple countries, without creating multiple new tasks for yourself.

We’re going to show you how to set up the automation for tracking orders to a multi-country Shopify account in a single feed.

To track all orders within a Shopify multi-country account, you need to create additional tokens. Here’s the procedure.

1. First, go to the “Apps” tab in your Shopify back office, then click on the “Manage private apps” link:


2. Click on the button that says “Create a new private app”:


3. In “Private app name”, enter “Shopping Feed + country” and remember to enter an email address under “Emergency developer email”.


4. Finally, give read and write authorization to all functions that are related to the import/export of commands, namely :

  • Orders, transactions and fulfillments
  • Third-party fulfillment orders
  • Shipping rates, countries and provinces
  • Order editing
  • Merchant-managed fulfillment orders
  • Draft orders
  • Assigned fulfillment orders

5. Once this is done, click on “Save”, and a new API key will be generated:


This will be provided to our support team “,” who will be in charge of linking it to your foreign Shoppingfeed account so that orders can be processed.

Once you’re finished with this setup, you can focus on bigger-picture items, like getting your store to the $60K per month level!