The Shoppingfeed “100 in ’20” Challenge

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

– William S. Burroughs

Growth is good for most things – civilizations, the human mind, and businesses in general. To bring this closer to home, let’s note that growth in the e-commerce industry has been explosive, and shows no signs of slowing down. Most of you would agree this is a very good thing.

At Shoppingfeed, our mission is to work with e-commerce merchants who are hungry for growth. Not just growth in sales (though that is always desirable, of course) but growth in their outlook. Ones who are looking at the horizon and getting ready for what they see coming. We like forward thinkers, because that’s how we think too. We want to be at all times prepared for what’s coming next.

Part of that preparation is to make sure we keep connecting our customers with every possible choice when it comes to finding the perfect mix of channels for selling their products. We want to be relentless, because you’re relentless. This means keeping our eyes and feelers open for emerging channels operating throughout the globe.

Because in a high-growth industry like e-commerce, new channels open all the time, in places you wouldn’t ever think about, with names you possibly can’t even pronounce. But each one of those is a portal to new markets, with consumers who want what you’re selling.

In keeping with this mission, the Shoppingfeed team is launching a challenge to itself: We will connect 100 brand new channels to our feed in 2020.

Right now, for the U.S. market, we offer 43 channels that include Marketplaces, Shopbots, Retargeting Engines, Product Listing Ads for Social and Search, and Affiliates. When you count all the channels we feed to on a global basis, it’s already over 1,000.

We will check back at the start of January, to tell you how we did. Stay tuned!

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