Zapier Gives Shoppingfeed Users An Automation Edge

E-commerce merchants are used to it being a fact of life that they have to master multiple software apps, from ERP or CMS systems and payment processing systems to internal and external communications tools of all kinds. Even the most powerful ERP systems can’t, as a practical matter, be fully integrated with every possible application that a merchant might need to run all the aspects of their business.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every app you need in your business could just automatically work, as an integration with your primary operating software? There’s a software integration app for that.

Our enterprise clients are now enjoying this benefit. Because Shoppingfeed now has Zapier integration.

First, what is Zapier integration?

Zapier is an online automation tool designed tp connect productivity and communications apps like email, team project management software, and more. Connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks–no coding or developers required to build an integration. Zapier makes it very easy to build workflows with just a few clicks.

If you get a lot of email attachments. Some you may want to save to a specific folder locally or in the Cloud; you can tell Zapier once what to do and then sit back.

Zapier connects thousands of web apps to your primary e-commerce platform. The workflows that connect your apps are called Zaps. They start with a trigger—an event in one of your apps tkicks off your workflow. Then, Zaps automate tasks invisibly, without your needing to manually control them.

Because Shoppingfeed is one of the Zapier-integrated apps,workflows related to product listings, channel feeds, and order fulfillment are all among the things you can automate with Zapier.

Fulfillment In Sync

When using Shoppingfeed, each marketplace channel automatically syncs orders to your storefront. You can use our Order API to create a custom order hook for your ERP or Warehouse SAP, or use Zapier to create bespoke workflows as orders pass into your fulfillment environment.

Orders from your Shoppingfeed channels get imported into your CMS, working seamlessly with your other fulfillment software.

Built for compatibility

As middleware, Shoppingfeed was deliberately designed to act as a slave to your CMS system, so that your storefront inventory and fulfillment system continue to control the single source of truth. This key factor allows us to interface with any other software built to work with your storefront, from accounting suites to shipping tools to warehousing software.

The Zapier integration is something you won’t find in most feed syndication services. As a company already dedicated to being API-friendly, this made us a good fit with Zapier. Our customer feedback tells us that this time-saving feature is already a winner.

Shoppingfeed is a single platform to List, Sync, and Manage your products, inventory and orders, We connect e-merchants with the world’s largest marketplaces, adspaces, affiliate channels and shopping engines.