What is Amazon A+ Content?

The A+ Content feature is a way for brand owners to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs. This tool enables sellers to describe their product features by telling a unique brand story, with enhanced images and text placements. Adding effective A+Content to product detail pages can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales.

Who’s eligible

This feature is only available to Professional sellers who have been approved as brand owners through the Amazon Brand Registry process, and to emerging brand owners who are part of certain Amazon-managed selling programs, such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives. After you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to add A+ only to products that are part of your approved brand catalog.

As often happens when existing features are changed or upgraded, Amazon A+ Content was previously known to sellers as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, and to vendors as Amazon Enhanced Marketing Content. “Amazon A+ Content” is now the term used for sellers and vendors alike, making things just a little less confusing. (N.B. Using A+ Content is a little easier for vendors, who automatically qualify for adding enhanced images and text to product listings.)

“Basic” A+ content on Amazon with five standard modules is free. Of course, there still may be a cost to creating the content, whether that’s in-house with your team or with an Amazon advertising agency that offers A+ content creation.

How to use A+ Content to boost conversions and reduce returns

1. Showcase your product’s UVP

One basic principle of marketing is to focus on the benefits the product brings to the customer–what pains it addresses and how it solves them. The additional visuals and text available in A+ Content are the perfect means to explain your Unique Value Proposition.

Example of Amazon A+ Content

2. Provide relevant product details to inform buyers about whether it meets their needs

With bigger-ticket items especially, customers are looking for as much information as possible about the product before they hit the Buy box. Providing relevant product details will accelerate the purchasing process as so they can confirm that your product is exactly what they’ve been looking for, and/or manage expectations if they realize that your product comes closest to meeting all their preferences, even if one or two are missed.

3. Break down complexity and make your content more digestible

This is especially relevant for products that combine multiple features and functions and can solve a variety of needs at once. Videos, images, and a cogent copy can break it down for them. Comparison charts are also helpful. Using A+ Content to provide your own chart of related products helps keep the buyer’s eye there, and not on the Amazon-generated comparison charts that appear near the bottom of product pages.

Example of product comparison chart for A+ Content on Amazon

4. Differentiate your product from the competition

Amazon sellers and vendors are having increasing difficulty finding products with a reasonably high margin where the niche is not overwhelmingly crowded with other sellers with the same offers. Amazon A+ Content is your best opportunity to use the power of content marketing to edge out your competition.

Furthermore, A+ Content can help you push down some of the ads Amazon is placing on your product listings, thereby making sure that customers aren’t getting distracted by the competition.

5. Communicate your brand story

Price is not the only thing that matters to shoppers. Sometimes it’s emotions that can drive purchase decisions, even if one product or brand is a little more expensive, because that brand has a compelling story.

Maybe it’s been in existence for a few hundred years, with a long history of quality and experience; maybe you have a strong association with a cause or a charity, or your company has strong ethics about product sourcing. “Fair Trade” coffee was an overnight branding success, even though it often cost more.

A good brand story provides assurance of product quality and highlights your brand values.

Telling a brand story through Amazon A+ Content

Designing A+ Content that converts

The central objective of adding Amazon A+ Content to your product listing is to increase conversions. This takes a little creative thought and planning. A few images and random text won’t do the job . Your content should be flowing, convincing, and appealing. Here are a few tips and tricks to develop design best practices:

Make it feel like a landing page. The best way to understand your A+ Content is to treat it like a landing page. Its only purpose is to convince a buyer that your product is exactly what they are looking for, and to hit the “Buy” button before leaving the page. Don’t clutter it up with other offers; keep the focus on driving them to buy now.

Plan your content like a journey. Think about what images customers should see first, and then what flows naturally from the first ones. (Example: Refrigerator exterior, followed by photo with both doors open, followed by another with a detail photo of the door shelves.) Also think like a showman –how can you end on a positive and exciting note? Make sure that the copy corresponds with your images to create a good flow.

Use your own branding styles. Branding on regular Amazon listings is very limited, but Amazon A+ Content is where you recreate your brand’s own look and feel. Make sure to match your fonts and colors with your brand to create brand recognition.

How to know whether your Amazon A+ Content is effective

After adding your Amazon A+ content to a product listing, you need to keep an eye on the conversion rate to measure its effectiveness.

Experienced sellers describe their experience with enhanced branding content as an iterative process. Some saw conversion rate go down once the A+ Content went live. That informed them that they weren’t connecting with the desired audience. After a few adjustments, however, most sellers have had positive experiences with A+ content in terms of enhancing conversion rates.

And now, Amazon is giving sellers yet another tool to measure effectiveness.

‘Manage Your Experiments’ gives you lots of ways to determine the best use of content.

Amazon recently released a new feature that enables sellers and vendors to A/B test their A+ Content. This is a great opportunity to use experiments to build a library of best practices and to more deeply understand what kinds of text and images appeal to your target audience.

You can find the new Amazon A+ Content Experiment feature in your A+ Content Manager in Seller Central or Vendor Central. Here’s what the Manage Your Experiments dashboard offers:

amazon a+ content, a+ content experiments, manage your experiments

Amazon A+ Content is a powerful tool that gives you lots of creative ways to present your products and drive people to purchase them. And it actually is a free lunch. From our standpoint, we can’t see any reason for eligible sellers not to take advantage of it.

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