Our credo & spirit

Future-Proof Ecommerce 


Amazon, eBay, Google Home, Google Actions, Apple Home, Facebook…
Shopping platforms are the future on Ecommerce.

Our Mind Spirit

Always seek the next wave

Ecommerce success happens in waves. Anyone who surfs knows that you have to jump on the board a lot earlier that it feels right to. It’s counter intuitive, but to catch the next wave, you have to jump up before it feels like the wave has started to swell.

Always keep a laser focus on the next wave, and be on your board when it arrives. This is what drives our product, and keeps our partners agile and happy.



Smarter Tools & Happier Teams


Being smarter means you have the right tools to adapt to the changing landscape.

No one knows what the next wave of Ecommerce will look like. What we DO know is that it will be a brand new beast with new behaviors, requiring new techniques, and with new secrets to discover.

Perhaps something close to Amazon’s easy-to-buy platform, with the audience of Google, but with the cost of Facebook ads, and maybe the mobile-first experience of Instagram.

Or perhaps something else entirely.

What’s certain: If we can’t predict the next wave of Ecommerce, then being agile to adapt is what is key. Shopping Feed was built with this in mind, with a framework of common sense features that aren’t so obvious to our competition.

It allows us, and our users, to withstand the test of the markets, wherever the buyer experience decides to go next.


Transparency at every stages

On our Product Road-Map

We are proud of where we are headed.

Our Product road-map is public to everyone, especially our competitors.

We are providing the most powerful and innovative software in the industry, and nothing to hide.

On our Quality

Shopping Feed is top-rated on across the web, and revered for its power, flexibility, and service.

To set an industry standard, transparency is key.

Leaders aren’t afraid of showing where they’ve been, or where they are headed.


Guides Books

Data Manipulation

Our suite of tools make creating dynamic changes to your product data quick and painless. Tools like Rules and Fields let you build out full sets of data to use across the entire platform.

Find/Replace rules

Use If/Then statements to make smart changes to your product listings. This is a powerful tool to fill gaps in your product listing data, or add new smart data to any outgoing channel. Never be held back by missing data again.

Auto remove Rules

Use If/Then statements to bulk remove products from any channel. Use this tool to make intelligent decisions about your product lineup, without any manual work. Protect against overselling your inventory, or even against tiny margins.


Support for both color and/or size variations of product listings on marketplaces. Save on listing fees and ensure a great experience for your customers.

Custom product fields

A custom product fields is attached to all your products, and can be a place to store important data in an outgoing data feed. Build custom product fields, and fill them automatically using rules.

Error Investigator

Use the Error Investigator to map all the changes made to your product listing data before it leaves the platform, helping you see the big data picture.

Listing Value

Whether using SEO Marketplace to automate tags or matching ASINs to compete on Amazon, be seen everywhere with better data on Shopping Feed.


Each channel comes with default configurations to ensure your channels come online fast. Walk through any necessary settings when connecting a channel, and list your products through Shopping Feed in no time.

SEO Marketplace

Marketplace Channel allow for added value data, specific to each category, called Product Tags. Our Fluid Tagging automatically assigns 90% of required product tags, and fully supports 100% of available tags on our marketplace integrations. Assign better product data for wider visibility in filters and searches and increased MPR.

Inventory Sync

Dynamic inventory tracking of your products across all of your open channels. When a product goes out of stock, each sales channel removes its product listing.

Smart Templates for eBay

Build listing templates for your eBay listings directly from Shopping Feed. Assign specific templates to categories of products.

Barcode search

Search for existing barcodes associated with products that you sell.

Order Automation

Building a fine-tuned fulfillment workflow is crucial to scalability and customer retention. Orders from your Shopping Feed channels are imported natively in your CMS (Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Wordpress, or via API), and work seamlessly alongside other fulfillment software. A easy-to-read dashboard, with each order status necessary for success.