Our credo & spirit

Future-Proof Ecommerce 


Amazon, eBay, Google Home, Google Actions, Apple Home, Facebook…
Shopping platforms are the future on Ecommerce.

Our Mind Spirit

Always seek the next wave

Ecommerce success happens in waves. Anyone who surfs knows that you have to jump on the board a lot earlier that it feels right to. It’s counter intuitive, but to catch the next wave, you have to jump up before it feels like the wave has started to swell.

Always keep a laser focus on the next wave, and be on your board when it arrives. This is what drives our product, and keeps our partners agile and happy.



Smarter Tools & Happier Teams


Being smarter means you have the right tools to adapt to the changing landscape.

No one knows what the next wave of Ecommerce will look like. What we DO know is that it will be a brand new beast with new behaviors, requiring new techniques, and with new secrets to discover.

Perhaps something close to Amazon’s easy-to-buy platform, with the audience of Google, but with the cost of Facebook ads, and maybe the mobile-first experience of Instagram.

Or perhaps something else entirely.

What’s certain: If we can’t predict the next wave of Ecommerce, then being agile to adapt is what is key. Shoppingfeed was built with this in mind, with a framework of common sense features that aren’t so obvious to our competition.

It allows us, and our users, to withstand the test of the markets, wherever the buyer experience decides to go next.


Transparency at every stage

On our Product Road-Map

We are proud of where we are headed.

Our Product roadmap is public to everyone, especially our competitors.

We are providing the most powerful and innovative software in the industry, and have nothing to hide.

On our Quality

Shoppingfeed is top-rated across the web, and revered for its power, flexibility, and service.

To set an industry standard, transparency is key.

Leaders aren’t afraid of showing where they’ve been, or where they are headed.


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