Beauty & Cosmetics

Go beyond Size and Color, and benefit from an entire world of tags important to your buyer like [Ammonia Free], [Fragrance Free] or [Paraben Free].

You empower people through beauty, we empower four feeds with the rich data the need.

Fluid-tags in our BEAUTY & COSMETICS Library

Accurate Color Matching

Our A.I. assigns each of your listings colors with the authorized color values on each of your channels. By enabling your products to be filtered, you win the conversions you might have missed.

Goal: empower your team with productive attribute tools.

Enrich Your Products

Go beyond Size and Color, and benefit from an entire world of tags, crucial to your buyers, like [Ammonia Free], [Fragrance Free] or [Paraben Free]

Goal: teach your team how to empower your catalog.


Organic Marketplace Reach

Marketplace Reach is the new SEO, and it is powered by your product attributes. With A.I. powered fluid tagging, 80% of all products are listed at full power the first time, compared to an industry standard of 9%.

Shopping Feed pre-configures 9 out of 10 of our 8M+ product attributes, always comparing your attributes to other industry sellers. Shopping Feed helps you find gaps in industry attributes, and leverage them against your competition.


Case Studies

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We use Shopping Feed to connect products from Shopify to various shopping channels, and sync orders placed on Amazon Marketplace. The tools are quite easy to use, and often being improved upon. Product data filtering and processing is very easy to use. Shopping Feed offers some of the most personable and direct customer support out of all the apps we use in the Shopify ecosystem.

Jonathan B.

Director of E-Commerce