A different approach to Omni-Channel


We think Omni-Channel platforms consistently get a huge part wrong: they try to become irreplaceable by controlling your master record, turning your storefront into a channel. 

We know why they do this: it lets them become irreplaceable, and prevents users from making decisions for their business without considering the capabilities of their software. In doing so, omni-channel platforms make huge problems for themselves and sellers like you:

  • compatibility issues when they try to be a hub to connect with other software data. 

  • inventory issues when source feed update cycles vary from sources, and from channel to channel

  • property issues when you want to control your product data in multiple or a new source, and the data isn’t exportable

The perfect listing on each channel

Using your product catalog as a base, we treat each channel as independent with its own dashboard, and can be optimized in infinite ways using Shopping Feed. Use ProductGraph™️ for automating your product attributes, or use Rules to make sophisticated changes to data before being sent to the retailer or channel.

Fulfillment In Sync

Each marketplace channel automatically syncs orders to your storefront via Shoppingfeed. You can use our Order API to create a custom order hook for your ERP or Warehouse SAP, or use Zapier to create bespoke workflows as orders pass into your fulfillment environment. Fulfill your orders anywhere with Shopping Feed.

Compatible with your entire stack

We act as a conduit of Inventory and order data, and as true middle-ware get out of the way of Shopping Cart systems to behave how you have configured them.  Since we rely on your storefront to be the master record, we guarantee compatibility with any tool that connects to your Shopping Cart system to modify or manage your orders, inventory, or billing. 

Your storefront is the master record

Shoppingfeed connects to a CMS or PIM system, and relies on it as the master record by keeping inventory up-to-date and importing orders back into the system. This means Shoppingfeed is compatible with your entire other systems will expect you to use their service as this master record

DataFeedWatch GoDataFeed Feedonomics ChannelAdvisor SellBrite ProductsUp Salsify
On-Click Channel Connect via API
Automatic Source Data Mapping
Automatic Channel Field Mapping
Full Variation Support for Marketplaces
Pick & Pull Management
Cost & ROI Tracking tools
Order Importation included with each marketplace
All-API Marketplace Connections
Multiple Sources
Zapier Hooks
Cross-Channel Business Rules

Tools made for the trade

For any omni-channel seller, Time-to-value is decided by a single key question: How are you creating quality data? What you have in your source data is exactly what you need to succeed with Shopping Feed. Whether you're matching products to existing ASIN's automatically, using Rules to automate robust product titles, or using our ProductGraph™️ product tag taxonomy to get products past the marketplace filters, Shopping Feed has listened to ecommerce managers worldwide, and built tools that change the game for them.

DataFeedWatch GoDataFeed Feedonomics ChannelAdvisor SellBrite ProductsUp Salsify
Data Manipulation
Business Rules & ETL Suite
Custom Data Effects
Product Graph™️ Product Tag Taxonomy Database
Build Custom Drag & Drop Channels
Bulk Error Investigation and Solutions
Amazon Repricing
Dynamic Listing Templates
Amazon ASIN Matching
Cross-channel Auto-Remove Rules

Built for compatibility

As middleware, a solution that fits your selling stack is crucial to you. That's why Shoppingfeed has been built to be a slave to your CMS system, letting your storefront inventory and fulfillment be the master of record. This one ideology allows us to interface with any other software built to work with your storefront, from accounting suites to shipping tools to warehousing software. We play well with them all.

DataFeedWatch GoDataFeed Feedonomics ChannelAdvisor SellBrite ProductsUp Salsify
Google Analytics
Amazon FBA
Xero Accounting

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