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Order Automation

Orders from your Shoppingfeed channels are imported natively in your CMS (Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Wordpress, or via API).


Order Automation

Building a fine-tuned fulfillment workflow is crucial to scalability and customer retention. Orders from your Shoppingfeed channels are imported in your CMS, and work seamlessly alongside other fulfillment software.

Order syncing

Orders are imported back into your storefront from your marketplaces, and their shipping status and messaging automatically updates the end user.

Exportable reports

Create printable order reports to help your team keep track of fulfillment.


Create your own professional printable invoices for your customers.

Automatic fulfillment

When marketplace orders are fulfilled from your storefront, updates are passed back automatically to the marketplace, keeping your customer informed, and keeping you safe from performance alerts.

Order alerts

Get peace of mind when orders have not imported or synced correctly. Shoppingfeed will give you word when something has gone awry.


Enhanced reporting and analytics provide meaningful data for key marketplace and sales channel metrics. Used alongside our data manipulation tools, you can automatically optimize your product data to boost revenue.

Report exports

Share the good news with your team through beautiful reports, exportable and configurable all through Shoppingfeed.

Comparison reporting

Compare performance of channels, and better visualize your investment.

ROI Tracking

Track the ROI of your product listings through the integrated ROI calculator.

Conversion Tracking

Understand the value of your advertising dollar with built in conversion tracking for shopping engines and ad-spaces. Fluidly manipulate this conversion data into actionable settings, like price changes.

Top product tracking

Set product margins for your listings, and let their performance be automatically block low-return products from listing.

Built for compatibility

As middleware, a solution that fits your selling stack is crucial to you. Thats why Shoppingfeed has been built to be a slave to your CMS system, letting your storefront inventory and fullfillment be the master of record. This one ideology allows us to interface with any other software built to work with your storefront, from accounting suites to shipping tools to warehousing software. We play well with it all.

Create Scalable SystEms

Build a system your team will love to use: one that solves complex operational problems, while simplifying their fulfillment and inventory workflows internally.

Custom Channels

Need a feed for the marketing team, or for a direct supplier relationship? Provide the solution in just a few clicks: create custom data feeds, filled with your own product data, fully configurable like any of our existing channels.

New product management

Keep track of newly added products and where they should list. This tool combines all additions to your product lineup in a simple interface.

Vacation Mode

Experiencing a crisis with your operation? With a single switch, zero out the inventory for all your product listings on all channels, and come offline. Solid protection for your company and their reputation online.

Team access

Shoppingfeed helps you keep your fulfillment organized and team in the know.

Create team accounts

Create user accounts to allow access to your account and your order pane.

Team alerts

Automatically alert your entire team when there’s something wrong with your account or a channel. Get all hands on deck when you need it.

Order filtering and flagging

Organize your orders and their fulfillment with your team better with flags, order filtering, and exportable order reports.

Tools made for the trade

For any omni-channel seller, Time-to-value is decided by a single key question: How are you creating quality data? What you have in your source data is exactly what you need to succeed with Shoppingfeed. Whether you're matching products to existing ASIN's automatically, using Rules to automate robust product titles, or using our ProductGraph™️ product tag taxonomy to get products past the marketplace filters, Shoppingfeed has listened to ecommerce managers worldwide, and built tools that change the game for them.