Marketplace Orders

On top of publishing, Shopping Feed will import all marketplace orders into the system of your choice or trigger our API, at no extra cost.

Olivier Levy, CEO Shopping Feed

Smart Classification

We imagined order classification with our power-users in mind, and as the requested: each supported order classification necessary to fully manage fulfillment from Shopping Feed is available, including refunding and cancellation.

Order Automation

Building a fine-tuned fulfillment workflow is crucial to scalability and customer retention. Orders from your Shopping Feed channels are imported natively in your CMS (Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, WordPress, or via API), and work seamlessly alongside other fulfillment software. A easy-to-read dashboard, with each order status necessary for success.

Get reports from your fulfillment team

Easily create & automate your orders reports. We have both printable pick & pack reports to help your team work through fulfillment, and recurring reports in you and your teams inbox.

Test your orders flow

Create unlimited test orders to practice and configure the flow between your system, and Shopping Feed, long before pushing “Play”!

Design your fulfillment process

Use custom tags to organize your fulfillment. Create, adapt, and imagine as many tags as you need, helping you quickly adapt your system to your logistic needs.

Visuals for a better picking

Our power-users asked for visuals of all products included in an order, so they can speed-up their picking. We see their needs as clearly as they see their orders.


Total Order Control

Auto-invoicing, refunds, checking billing addresses, editing shipping address – everything you will need to edit, print or double-check in one place.


All orders status pushed in real time to your Shopping Feed Timeline


Case Studies