Because our users invest in us and our future, we share a glimpse into that future with server up-times and our Product Road-Map.

Clement Hollander
VP Product & Co-Founder 

Jan 2019 - 100% completed

New Color/Size Dashboard

A unique way to assign Colors and Size attributes. It’s a World-Premier for the industry.

Feb 2019 - 100% completed

New nested menu organization

For a better navigation, we are moving all menus to the left and nesting features. We hope you feel the difference!

March 2019 - 100% completed

SetUp Dashboard V3

An innovative guided path to ensure ProductGraph settings and connection for every channel.

April 2019 - 100% completed

Billing V3

Billing V3 will be deployed, to provide a tailored invoicing platform for enterprise users

May 2019 - 80% completed

Enriching our A.P.I

Improvements to our A.P.I. for better:
. HomePage V3 readout
. Product Graph Tagging V3
. Order Dashboard V3 Readout
. Setup Path V3

June 2019 - 80% completed

New Management Dashboard V3

The best kept Shopping Feed secret. We hope you will love it, it’s magic for channel management.

July 2019 - 50% completed

Adding 4 million attributes to increase your O.M.R

Our database will grow from 8 million to 12 million attributes, helping you outsmart your competitors on all marketplaces.

August 2019 - 70% completed

More A.P.I. partners

New shipping platforms & re-pricing software. Every month new partners and apps are connecting to the Shopping Feed A.P.I. Their imagination has no limit.

Sept 2019 - 50% completed

A even more powerful Timeline

A more powerful Timeline. A birds-eye-view on the machinations of Shopping Feed, to assist your e-commerce management.

Oct 2019 - 75% completed

15 min update & 1 million products

Channel per channel, we are upgrading to provide a full update on inventory, pricing, syndication, and order processing data management for Enterprise merchants. Shorter sync windows and instant updates.

Nov 2019 - 95% completed


An update to the biggest & most comprehensive Channels Errors knowledge-base in the world: Encyclofeedia

Dec 2019 - 30% completed

New Marketplaces & Integrations

By the end of 2019, our clients can expect to see more than 10 new marketplace channels added, as well as 4 new storefront integrations, including WooCommerce, Big Commerce, and Plytix


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