Your product listing revenue will always be directly linked to the quality of your product data. Listing quality will have the highest ROI on 3rd party channels. Fluid Data innovations from Shopping Feed were built to ensure your influence: seamlessly create, manipulate, and automate product listing data to grow your business.

Fluid Tagging

Baked into our channel integrations are more than 7 million category-specific product tags, helping qualified buyers find your goods faster than the competition on every marketplace. Our Fluid-Tagging is the only technology in the market that can add and optimize these crucial tags en-masse, saving you months of work and execution

Fluid product tags

Marketplace Reach is the new SEO, and it is powered by your product attributes. With A.I. powered fluid tags, 80% of all products are listed at full power the first time, compared to an industry standard of 9%. Shopping Feed pre-configures 9 out of 10 of our 7M+ product attributes, always comparing your attributes to other industry sellers. Shopping Feed helps you find gaps in industry attributes, and take advantage of them.

Don't lose focus

Let Shopping Feed guide your business using real-time actionable feedback on missing data. Our notification page is more than timely alerts: it’s a window to your data hygiene, and guide to your growth. See clearly where product attributes are missing, how your channels are performing, and ways to better market your listings.

Attributes and Machine Learning

Make the most of your listings. Our A.I. pre-sets 90% of 7 million product attributes and counting, effectively comparing your attributes to other industry sellers. Find gaps in industry listings with Shopping Feed, and fill them with powerful attribute data that buyers love and expect during a purchase. In short: Attributes sell peace of mind.

The only attribute-first platform

Having data difficulties when creating new product listings on your Marketplaces? It’s likely your Feed Software puts the burden of data-hygiene on you, expecting low-value product listings, unoptimized with almost no added product attributes. We work in reverse: Our marketplace channel fluency is built around the most valuable data for search, filter, and SEO: the attribute.

Smart Variant mapping

With fluid data, make your products channel-fluent. Easily link color and size names with attribute color and size options, available on all top channels. Quickly define your product variants into groups by their variant name, and automate your SEO data like colors and sizes, the most commonly user-filtered attribute.


Is your listing data holding you back?

Add Shopping Feeds powerful data manipulation to your bag of tricks. As an e-commerce manager, finding yourself in need of large scale changes to product data is common. In just a few clicks, manipulate your product data on specific channels using our powerful Rules tool, without needing to make changes to the original product listing.


A Human-First Team

Our team of experts aren't afraid to get human. Our team of onboarding experts will learn and document your goals, and review your progress to make sure you are reaching them.


Transparent by philosophy

Knowing where you're headed is hard enough, hoping that the technologies you leverage will keep up shouldn't be a concern. It takes grit to ship an average 12 new features or channels a month. Watch us keep up with your success.


A.I. That Empowers

Be ready for shifts in the market with a system that quickly adapts your data ahead of trends. From powerful Amazon Repricing to Automated SEO, let our software automate your success.